I wish vampires existed…

There’s something almost dreamy about spending eternity with someone as picturesque as Edward Cullen. I know he is a fictional character and people will mock me for saying a character is dreamy. I find it almost insulting to men that Hollywood can only write characters that women can fall in love with, but not produce the real thing. Think about it. The world falls in love over and over again with the thought of the character in a movie coming to life and sweeping them off their feet. Who’s going to tell them that nothing like that will ever happen in real life? I don’t want to be the one to break the world’s heart, but until I can witness something dream-like, I have to burst your bubble and say it will never happen. I want more than anything for some dreamy, immortal with a smile to come up to me and say, “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you?” I want a man to feel for me like Cullen feels for Bella. How he can’t stand to not be by her side and would sacrifice anything for her protection. Do guys not learn from films? Can they not see women swooning for these fictional characters because the “real” world is void of anything near it. We are forced to fake it for a vampire in a movie based off a book. I know some of you out there probably are saying, “well, my man loves me and would do anything for me. I am living my own fairy tale.” Maybe you’re right. Maybe I’m bitter. Maybe I think I deserve better than what I have witnessed from the men around me and no one has stepped up? Could be.

If I found a man like Edward Cullen who said the things to me that he said to Bella, yeah, I would go vampire for him in a second. Is that extreme? Am I forced to be extreme due to the lack of decency I have witnessed? These are the thoughts that circle my mind after watching “Twilight” in theaters today. Fabulous movie, by the way. I knew little about the books, just the basic plot line, but I was able to follow pretty well and came out vowing to own it when it comes out on DVD. I plan on reading the books and thank Stephenie Meyer for giving society something else to look forward to for when “Harry Potter” is over, which was previewed before “Twilight” by the way. It’s interesting how much we subject ourselves to magical lands and fictional story lines and characters, but sometimes I think it’s all we have. We can only look forward to feeling for a second what the female lead in the movie is feeling through film.

Ugh. Thoughts?


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