Going Home Again

I almost kept driving. I had the thrill of a long adventure resting on my fingertips. Is this what happens when people read books? Their imagination runs wild. I hope so, because I like it. In all seriousness, though, the darkness encompassed the nearly empty road and a little piece of me wanted to not have to deal with seeing one family one day and another the next and having to fit in more than 30 relatives in 5 days. Instead, I wanted to drive. Where? I don’t know. The mountains sounded nice – perhaps an all-too-fake-looking scenery type place like the Grand Canyon. Too far. But where? I was headed north, almost to my exit mind you, but north was the direction. If I kept going, I would eventually in up in Iowa and then Minnesota and perhaps end up in Canada. Been there before. I wasn’t impressed. I think that’s the problem with living in St. Louis, or at least growing up there. The most exciting city within a tank of gas is the one in which you stand, and still, I’m not impressed.

I’ve traveled a lot in my 20 years. I guess you can say that either I’m blessed, I get bored easily or my parents get bored easily and dragged me everywhere. You could say that. I could say it was all of those things. My mom had a job where she was gone nearly more than 20 days of each month, and more often than not I was either flown to her or drove with her to wherever she was. Exhilarating, really. I always awaited the next adventure. Her job led me to Seattle, Las Vegas, Tupelo, Miss., West Virginia, and Los Angeles to name a few. Sometimes I had that whole, “woe is me, my mom’s never around,” attitude, but then she would whisk me away on another adventure. Sometime we’d go just she and I, but other times my step-dad would come and I wouldn’t have to spend the day in my hotel room alone. Sometimes it was my own little adventure. Sometimes, I got sick of the bare, similarities of hotel room after hotel room. I guess I shouldn’t complain. I have been to a good majority of the major United States cities … and then some … twice. I’ve seen the mountain ranges of Seattle, the strippers in Vancouver, the lights of Vegas, the sleeplessness of New York, the crystal white beaches of Florida, the music culture of New Orleans, Elvis’ hometown, the stars in L.A., the flavor of Mexico and the plains of Kansas. I’ve been a tourist, now I want to be an adventurer.

I want to do more than look at the mountains, I want to climb through them and find the waterfalls. I want to do more than drive through the dessert, I want to search the Grand Canyon and I want to do more than watch the gambling tables in Vegas. I want to be the one tourists watch. 🙂 If you know what I mean.

It’s my goal. This Spring Break, I will go on an adventure. I am almost so motivated to where I would go by myself if I had to. I won’t, though. Haha. This will be fun.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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