Pale Divine at the Pageant

Never have I seen more middle-aged men in collared shirts rocking out to a wunnabe-hair-band of the 80’s. Pale Divine, a local St. Louis band that disbanded 17 years ago played at a STL hot spot, the Pageant, Monday, Dec. 29, 2008 at 8p.m.

St. Louis reunion show

St. Louis reunion show

The band disbanded due to the lead singer’s…well…emotional problems that caused the band to be…I guess…fed up with him and they split to find work solo. The only one who really made a name for himself was Richard Fortus, who became a rhythm guitarist in Guns N Roses replacing Paul Tobias in 2002. I must say, he is pretty amazing and caught my attention during almost the entire show.

The set was remarkable making me think why the band never made it big. Apparently, the band signed with a record company and made an album that was quite popular in STL, but then the label changed owners and problems ensued. It’s all really a mystery from there. The lead singer became unstable eventually and a band that could have been great…disbanded. This an unfortunate. The lead singer and well…everyone but Fortus…gained a little weight and definitely do not portray the rock star image anymore, but if they put out a record…ahem…CD…now, I would definitely buy it and play it on repeat in iTunes. I definitely recommend checking some of their hits out and possibly buying their CD. They’re a fit for anyone who likes alternative rock with a little bit of edge thrown in.

The Nukes, another STL local band, joined Pale Divine for the reunion show and said it would be their last performance. The speakers had to be covered in plastic due to the lead singer’s urge to spit and throw beer and other liquids into the audience at any given moment, only provoking the audience to do the same making for a very messy scene.

St. Louis reunion show 12-29-08

St. Louis reunion show 12-29-08

Another thing that kind of bothered me about the Nukes, although I did like their music, was that the lead singer started wearing a full suit and ended up half-naked. I think he should have just started naked and added clothes, because he’s not very sexy…and he really thought he was the king of the world. Take my word for it, dude, you’re not. Their set was entertaining, but far from…well…likable. I wouldn’t go see another performance of their anyway, even if this wasn’t their last performance. But, oh well. Pale Divine was awesome!!

This was my first trip to the Pageant and the atmosphere they create is way cool. It’s a social setting with a bar, waiters roaming around taking orders and casual seating. There also is a balcony for auditorium-like seating. I’ve only experienced a handful of concerts, but it was my favorite environment to see one. The only complaint I have would be the actual atmosphere…and by this I mean, there was a consistent cloud of smoke lingering in front of me due to fog machines, cigarettes and pot heads alike. My asthma was telling me that it hated me, my lungs were burning and my eyes watered, but my ears were satisfied, so I guess I am OK with subjecting myself to such carcinogens. By any means, this made me want to go to more concerts, so well done Pale Divine, the Pageant and STL style. I shall meet you again, St. Louis.

❤ A.Boles


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