Bedtime Stories [SPOILER]

Photo courtesy of Disney Film Entertainment

Photo courtesy of Disney Film Entertainment

The theater was packed with old people and their grandkids. Someone even brought a baby…that cried…of course, which goes to show that this movie is made for a younger (or older) audience.

As much as I would love to remain a kid forever, I am not, but I did enjoy this film, and most of Adam Sandler films, I will add.

The film centers around the hotel that Marty Bronson (Johnathan Pryce) leaves for his son (Sandler). Before Bronson Sr. passes away he sells the hotel to a Mr. Nottingham (Richard Griffiths – Vernon Dursley in the HP series) in a promise that Nottingham will let Bronson Jr. (Sandler) run the place when he is old enough. Well, good old dad passes away and his children Skeeter and Wendy(Courtney Cox) are only left with his memory of amazing bedtime stories. (title significance). Well, some odd years later, we see Skeeter working in the hotel…but instead of managing the hotel, he was put in charge of managing the maintenance. Nottingham, so far, has gone back on his promise to Skeeter’s father, but Skeeter refuses to find work other than his father’s hotel. Skeeter’s sister, Wendy (Cox), has to go away for a job interview since Nottingham is thinking of building a new hotel on the land that now occupies the elementary school where she works and so she leaves Skeeter and her best-friend Jill (Keri Russel) in charge of her two kids, Bobbi and Patrick. Jill also works at the Elementary school that Nottingham wants to take over and of course is the love-interest in the film. Skeeter is forced to take the night shift with the kids because Jill has night school and in due time, they demand a bedtime story. As Skeeter makes up bedtime stories night after night, the kids add in their own exciting details, which then transfer into Skeeter’s own life. For example, “it started raining gumballs,” Patrick says one night, and the next day a candy truck crashes on the overpass above Skeeter’s car, making it seem as if gumballs are raining down. Skeeter is convinced the kids’ stories are coming true and try to lead them into saying things he wants, like a red Ferrari and Nottingham’s young beautiful daughter, Violet (Teresa Palmer), but they don’t. A competition ensues between Skeeter and the man Nottingham originally appointed the next manager of the hotel Kendall (Guy Pearce). Nottingham tells them that whoever comes up with a better theme for the new hotel will be able to be manager of it. He tries to have his last night with the kids determine the outcome of the competition, but the imaginative minds of the children make it end with him on “fire” and speaking in “alien languag” in a “space battle.” This all plays out well and fun in normal standards. I won’t tell you who wins and how, but I will tell you that Skeeter has to fight for the girl in the end who is the fairest maiden of them all.

Photo courtesy of Disney Studios Entertainment

OK, well you could have seen all that in a preview. Now to the review. I think that Adam Sandler has a way with comedy. Yeah, you might all think it’s all slap-stick comedy and stupid, but if it makes you laugh, it makes you laugh. You know? I didn’t see that big of a change or improvement from his previous comedic roles, so that is where he loses points. He is a fantastic actor, I’ll give him that. The last film of his that I saw and liked was Reign Over Me. It was slightly depressing, but he was impeccable. I think this film was probably fun for everyone involved. They all got to dress up in weird outfits and pretend to be feuding in space. I mean, I would do it. I don’t think this movie is Oscar-worthy. It’s a great kids film and one to watch with the family, but it definitely was not worthy to be placed with the other Oscar noms, in my opinion. Sandler didn’t really step out of his box, which is what I would like to see from him soon. He is in pre-production of a film called Funny People, which I assume will probably be another let down, but I guess we’ll see.

Keri Russel did a good job being the love-interest and I am happy to see her back in the Hollywood picks. I don’t think Waitress made as big of a splash as she would have hoped, but I would have thought August Rush would get people talking about her. Yeah, the kid did most of the work, but that movie was phenomenal. At any rate, I would like to see what Keri Russel has to offer in the future. Maybe throw her into an action or a thriller instead of something heartwarming for a change. I hate type-casting. Let them spread their wings, Hollywood!

If you’ve seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, then you will love who Sandler’s sidekick best friend is in the film, none other than Russel Brand. The hot Australian boyfriend of Kristen Bell in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He is hilarious, and I also look forward to seeing him again.

I would give the film a 4 out of 5 stars. The acting, predictable but good and the plot was well-thought out and fun to decipher. Keep it up, Disney!



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3 Responses to Bedtime Stories [SPOILER]

  1. meg89 says:

    Sounds like a cute movie 🙂

  2. coffee fiend says:

    Courtney Cox possesses an under-appreciated beauty i think

  3. aqmqf says:

    i saw it i think the girl is pretty sexy.

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