Burn After Reading … thoughts?

Maybe George Clooney and Brad Pitt were bored.

Yeah, that must be it. Come to think of it, Mr. Clooney hasn’t been in any high-grossing films in a while-at least since the Oceans trilogy…unless you count Leatherheads, but I’m leaving that one out for his sake. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the Oceans 11,12 and 13…haha….but I think George could have done better with Burn After Reading. We won’t know the 81st Oscar(Academy Award) nominations until January 20th, but it is rumored that this will collect a few noms. The only performances I will deem Oscar-worthy are those of John Malkovich (Osbourne Cox) and Frances McDormand (Linda Litzke) for their semi-great attempts at being kinda crazy. I mean, McDormand would have drove me to drink, her character bothered me so much, but it’s Oscar-worthy because she was so believable. Now, Clooney and Pitt on the other hand, not a chance. Clooney over Pitt definitely, but I don’t think any of them did anything risky. Clooney was a cheating man-whore and Pitt was a curious gum-chewing physical trainer air-head — both of which did not truly impress me. I love Brad Pitt and George Clooney, so I will overlook that. Sometimes I read a fun book in between ones I have to read for the University, so maybe this was their chance to read a fun book.

Brad Pitt…man. I’m really looking forward to seeing The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, so he can redeem himself and it’s rumored to be fantastic. I will, of course, have a review up after I see it sometime this week.

So, if I had to rate the movie, it would be a 2 and a half stars out of five, because it lacked plot and original character development. I laughed at some parts, but all in all, it is not a movie I would buy.

– Alex –


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2 Responses to Burn After Reading … thoughts?

  1. Raquel says:

    I never got around to seeing this movie… guess I won’t have to waste my time!

  2. bob saget says:

    brad pitt was the only fun character in this movie. It was good until he died. everyone else was just annoying as all hell, especially linda litzke.

    also, brad thinks its funny that you thought it was a schwinn

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