Bride Wars Review [SpOiLeR]

I loved Kate Hudson's wedding dress. Every little girl dreams of their wedding day. Even Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, pre-millions and in training bras, dreamed of their perfect weddings, I’m sure. Mine, however, does not include my best friend tackling me as I walk down the aisle in a Vera Wang wedding dress … but I guess I can look past that.

I saw “Bride Wars” tonight with a good girlfriend of mine, and the movie was adorable. We both went in to the movie thinking we would be annoyed with another ‘I’m getting married and it has to be perfect’ movie with different women and love interests (i.e. “27 Dresses,” come on.), but surprisingly, I enjoyed it. Alot, actually.

The film settles around two women who grew up with each other living in New York City. Liv (Hudson) and Emma (Hathaway) witness a wedding at the Plaza Hotel as kids and were determined to have June weddings at the Plaza from then on. Liv’s parents die when she is young and she struggles with her weight until she becomes obsessed with control as an adult and becomes a lawyer. Emma has been saving up for a June wedding at the Plaza since she was 16 and becomes an elementary school teacher.

Liv and Emma find Liv’s Tiffany box first while rummaging in her closet, but Emma’s boyfriend, Fletcher (Chris Pratt — Bright Abbot in the series Everwood) proposes to Emma first by placing the ring in a fortune cookie. Frustrated that her boyfriend hasn’t proposed, Liv runs to his work and asks him why they’re not married yet. Almost expecting this, her boyfriend, Daniel (Steve Howey — Van in the Reba show), pulls the ring out of his jacket pocket and proposes. One of his colleagues says, “I love bring your hot girlfriend to work day.” Haha great line.

It’s on. Best friends could not be happier. They book an appointment with the best wedding planner in New York City, Marion St. Claire (Candice Bergen — Kathy Morningside in “Mrs. Congeniality” – 2000) who says she will book Liv’s wedding on June 6 and Emma’s on the 27th. Well, St. Claire’s assistant (Marcia DeBonis — Marline (Jenna’s assistant) in “13 Going on 30” – 2004) mixes up the paperwork and both weddings are scheduled at 5p.m. on June 6. Shocker.

So, they both decide to go into crazy-girl mode and try to sabotage each other’s weddings. Liv makes Emma’s body orange with an intense shade of Mystic tan, books the DJ Emma wanted, sends the wrong dance instructor to teach the couple the Waltz and trades out the Wedding video montage with Emma’s spring break video of her drunk and dancing on a table. Emma, on the other hand, sends Liv sweets so she gains weight and won’t fit into her dress, switches out the blond hair dye with blue and crashes Liv’s bachelorette party and wins a sexiest bride contest.

But, alas, it wouldn’t be a chick flick without the emotional video montage showing both girls yearning for the other one’s help during their wedding. Liv hires her male assistant to be her man of honor and Emma regrettably asks a co-worker of hers, Deb (Kristen Johnston — Rhonda in “Music and Lyrics” – 2007), who is sickeningly thin and could benefit from eating the entire wedding cake, to be her maid of honor. Each woman knows that it will not be the dream wedding they had been planning since they were kids, but that’s what you get for turning your friends orange and blue. Liv and Daniel become really close, but Emma and Fletcher keep edging further apart as he sees that she’s not as easily walked on as he thought. She strolls through New York where she bumps into Liv’s brother, Nate (Bryan Greenberg — Matty in “The Perfect Score”(2004) or Jake in One Tree Hill). He forces her to accompany him to get his tux where he mentions something about not knowing how to tie a tie and “waiting too long to do things.” Hmm…foreshadowing?

Ok, so here’s where the story ends. The wedding day begins, both brides look stunningly beautiful, people are in their places, ceremony begins…Oops..the Wedding montage is well, tequila Spring Break and Emma is pissed and goes over the edge, which in turn forces Fletcher over the edge. Emma runs into Liv’s ceremony, tackles her in the aisle, fighting ensues, but the women realize they are sick of the argument. Fletcher and Emma call it quits (thank God, he was bothering me) and the girls make-up. (Although I would still be pissed) and Liv and Emma walk back down the aisle together for Liv’s dream wedding. The reception includes Nate asking Emma to dance and Daniel telling Liv to “let it happen on it’s own.”

[SPOILER] The ending scene is Liv and Emma meeting in a quaint little restaurant a year later, Emma sporting a shorter hair style and both girls looking fab. Emma is coming back from her honeymoon with…you guessed it….Nate and when asked if she wants to toast she says that she is not drinking and Liv says the same…believe it or not, they’re both pregnant and due March 3. Golly gee. That’s not predictable.

The movie was solid. I will not go as far as great. Sorry Hudson and Hathaway. I do, however, like it sooo much better than “27 Dresses” (sorry, Katherine Heigl). Both movies were cute, nonetheless, but I definitely like this one better. I love Kate Hudson and that probably contributed to it a little. She is so hilarious. If you think back, “Fool’s Gold” (2008), “Raising Helen” (2004), “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” (2003), “Alex and Emma” (2003) and “You, Me and Dupree” (2006). She’s made a name for herself. She’s quirky and she runs with it. She’s not afraid to take a few risks with her movies. I loathe the actors who play the same love-interest woman who half half a brain and looks the same and acts like there is nothing better to do than win over a man by acting stupid and showing some skin. Basically, good job Hudson. I aspire to be half as successful and gorgeous as her.

Now, I’m not going to lie, I lost a little respect for Anne Hathaway after her performance in Brokeback Mountain (2005). No, not because she was in a movie based on two gay lovers, but I was just unhappy with how she performed. I think better of her than to have to choose a roll where she has to sleep with a man in a car and bare her breasts. Anyway, she’s redeemed herself a few times and she’s just as quirky as Hudson, making them an excellent pair of actors. I think Hathaway has come a long way since “The Princess Diaries” (2001) first hit the screen, including one of my favorites, “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006). She will be playing the White Queen in “Alice and Wonderland” coming out in 2010 and also starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. Get excited.

So, I would have done the wedding scene at the end differently and played up the love-interest of Nate and Emma more, but all-in-all it was a very cute movie to go see with a couple of your girlfriends. It all honesty, it makes me want to get married and find someone. It’s scary to think I am at that age, but a lot of my friends are engaged…some are even married. Whoa.

So, anyway, I would give this movie a … 3 out of 5 for content (I didn’t like how they produced the ending), but I would give it a 4 out of 5 for emotion-provoking chick flick-ability. đŸ™‚

Keep reading. (I should have movie pictures up soon as well). Have a good weekend and share your comments with me or a movie you would like me to review!


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