Thoughts on the Inauguration, so far

The STL rally under the historic downtown Arch, was recorded to be Obama's largest rally in the U.S.

The STL rally under the historic downtown Arch, was recorded to be Obama's largest rally in the U.S.

Unfortunately, I was unable to watch and experience the oath and President Obama’s speech because my Media Law professor thought it necessary for us to learn how to navigate our University library…seriously.

Even though I will have to watch it on TiVo or on YouTube, I have been able to watch the ceremonies afterward. I was watching abcNews as Ted Kennedy was taken out of the Inaugural Luncheon after seizing during the event. As I write this, he is said to be in the hospital, but alert and talking. My mom was worried. It would have been a disaster for something fatal to happen to someone so close to the President the day he was sworn in.

The picture next to this text is of me while waiting for then Senator Obama during his largest rally in the United States — under the Arch in St. Louis, Mo. I went into the rally undecided, and although I still have my doubt and will always be swayed Republican on a lot of issues, I did come out a believer that Obama’s administration would be better for this country than Sen. McCain’s. (Don’t judge me — deal, b/c he’s the President now, so it doesn’t matter anymore).

It seems as though Vice President Biden and President Obama and their families could not be any happier today, and with good reason, and I think this day is so awesome to be able to be a part of. I wish that I could be in Washington D.C. right now so much, but instead I am in a newsroom in a small northern Missouri town, and still loving it. 🙂 Well, the parade is continuing now that the Presidential family made their way to the viewing box, so I am going to continue watching from the newsroom.

I’m stoked for the Inaugural Ball and will have a formal review of it, as long as it stays on in the newsroom, a little bit later…maybe tomorrow afternoon.

Enjoy Inauguration day.

– Alex –


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2 Responses to Thoughts on the Inauguration, so far

  1. envisionhope says:

    Way to go, Alex……from another STL girl.

  2. Media Law Professor says:

    I still think it was the right decision to have class. We have so much material to cover in such a short span of time. And we did try to at least watch the swearing in. Who knew that everyone else in the world would have the same idea? Anyway, as you said, you got to see it later so I don’t think your psyche was harmed that much. Put your big girl panties on and deal with it! : )

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