“He’s Just Not That Into You” review [spoiler]

He might not be into you, but I’m sure into this movie.

New Line Cinema hit the jackpot with this one. Yeah, I kind of came out of the theater thinking I might possibly die alone, but also reassured that I probably won’t, because I don’t do those crazy things … I think. Obviously the all-star cast and witty one-liners drew me into the theater (on Valentine’s Day — cliche?), but it wasn’t what I was expecting from the movie, and I’m glad. I was expecting the already-been-done girl “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” type movie, but was pleasantly surprised.

"He's Just Not That Into You"

"He's Just Not That Into You"

Although the film follows four (more or less) couples, it tended to center upon Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin — “Mona Lisa Smile”) and Alex (Justin Long — “Accepted” or “Dodgeball”). Alex starts out as just a bar tender at the place that Gigi’s potential man frequents, but quickly fulfills the friend role when he asks who she is waiting for and gives her love advice. She ends up calling him for advice with future relationships, even in the middle of a steamy make-out session with one of her random hook-ups. Eventually, Gigi begins to think that Alex’s friendship is a cover up for his “obvious” feelings of attraction to Gigi and she gets awkward like apparently “all” girls do and at a party he invited her to, she leads herself on to believe that she was invited to co-host (like as…a couple). She stays until the end of the party and then (stupidly) just throws herself at him. Now, it is in my experience, that when a girl (or a cute one, at least) throws them self at a guy, they don’t refuse, but he did. She got angry because he said she misreads signals and puts herself out there too much and she said that she was happier putting herself out there because she wasn’t the one shutting out everyone and alone. She said that she was at least closer to finding someone by putting herself out there than he was, because he never let anyone get that close (cliche? yes). [Spoiler] Alex eventually realizes that she was right all along and that he did, in fact, have strong feelings for her and shows up at her apartment groveling for forgiveness. Duh. She gives in.

So, that sounds like it could be one whole movie, doesn’t it? Well, you’re wrong. haha. You also have to throw in an almost-married relationship with Beth (Jennifer Aniston — “Friends”) and Neil (Ben Affleck — “Pearl Harbor”). Their relationship is on the rocks because she wants to get married and he doesn’t like the idea of marriage. Whoa buddy. Just make her happy and you’ll be happy. Haha. Basically that is what he decides is the truth.

Then we have Janine (Jennifer Connelly — “Requiem for a Dream”) and Ben (Bradley Cooper — “Wedding Crashers”). They are newlyweds who couldn’t be happier. *throws up* OK, that was a lie. He was rushed into marriage and feels trapped, so he goes out and finds a cute yoga instructor, Anna (Scarlet Johansson — “The Other Boleyn Girl”) to hook up with, eventually tells his wife, who then tries to be more sexual with him and comes to his office while he and Anna are about to get it on. He quickly hides Anna in the closet and him and his wife have sex in his office. BAD idea. Anna comes out of the closet when Janine leaves and yells, “You will never touch me again!” Janine eventually finds the cigarettes Ben has been hiding and decides that she can’t be married to a liar. She folds all of his clothes neatly and sets them at the foot of the stairs with a note that says something about finding the cigarettes and then “P.S. I want a divorce.” Classic.

The fourth couple, oddly, is the one of Anna (Johansson) and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Conor (Kevin Connolly — “The Notebook”). He sells realty and has been chasing Anna for a while never quite gaining her full attention (i.e. Ben), and when Ben has sex with his wife (haha, shame shame?) with her in the closet, she goes running back to him, but then realizes that she can’t do that either. (She is a confused, messed up girl. Make up your mind — home wrecker).

I really liked how Ken Kwapis (Director) included commentary from what seemed like real people on the streets (or just non-edited film). Those little stories were hilarious and were what stood out most in my head at the end of the movie as being most funny. As far as the “all-star” cast goes, I would give them a 4 out of 5 stars. As much as you will all hate me for this, the 5th star is taken away for Jennifer Aniston playing the SAME person she plays in EVERY movie she is ever casted in. I’ve yet to see her play a role with something different other than the name, location or the man she kisses. I don’t think she is a bad actor, because she plays these roles well, but I think it takes a great actor to be able to add something new to a role that seems to be similar to other roles they’ve played and I don’t think she measured up this time. Sorry. Now, Gennifer Goodwin on the other hand, I will bet all of you that she will steal your hearts. I loved her in “Mona Lisa Smile” and still love her in this film. I hope she is the future of romantic comedies, because I will pay to see any movie with her in it. She has a raw talent that most female actors don’t have these days. She’s fun and quirky, but can still add that sex appeal. Her and Justin Long paired together was remarkable. I think he is absolutely adorable, and obviously is a very talented actor. According to IMDB, he is in the process of completing 8 films right now (including, post-, pre- and current production). He is someone I definitely can look forward to seeing again. πŸ™‚ Nice match-up with those two. I almost like them as much as I like a good Kate Winslet – Leonardo DiCaprio movie. … Almost.

Anyway, the movie’s general message is to not give up hope. It leaves you with a good message, and I’m sure if you’re attached you would come out of the theater loving the film and life, but to those girls (& there were lots) who saw the film on Valentine’s Day unattached, I share your feelings of walking out of the film wondering when “it” will happen … but also loving the film. Haha. Well, I recommend the film. Worth buying a ticket. Worth buying the DVD. If you can’t commit that much to it, then at least rent it and then check your commitment problems at the door. Haha.

Until next time. Keep reading. πŸ™‚



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One Response to “He’s Just Not That Into You” review [spoiler]

  1. natswrite says:

    I enjoyed your review, keep it up! And I’m glad you were able to see the hope in the film, a lot of reviewers just focused on how much relationships suck. πŸ™‚

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