Rebels are more beautiful???



Apparently, this is what a select few (I’m guessing it took more than one person to defame an entire campus) people think about rebels. If rebels are MORE beautiful and care about beauty so much, how can they go and take away the beauty from their own campus for their own SICK pleasure. These people are idiots.


“Is graffiti art or is it a crime? It’s a simple question with a simple answer.

Graffiti done with permission is art is in the eye of the beholder. My office has even funded many beautiful graffiti-like murals.

New York subway train

Subway trains are a favourite canvas for New York’s graffiti writers

However, it becomes a crime when you put that “art” on someone else’s property. I have a message for the graffiti vandals out there – your freedom of expression ends where my property begins!

If illegal graffiti were truly an art form, these thugs would have their tags all over their own homes and vehicles, which is not the case.

As City Public Safety Chair and a former prosecutor, I can tell you that art is not what motivates the vast majority of taggers.

At its best graffiti is just a way for immature vandals to seek notoriety and at its worst it is messages between rival gangs and drug dealers.

Graffiti is a gateway crime that both leads children and adolescents astray and sends a message that a graffiti-covered neighbourhood is ripe for criminal activity.

Costly clean-up

Over the past few years in New York City the writing has literally been on the wall.

Girl on graffiti-covered New York subway train, Lexington Avenue, 1983

Graffiti from the 80s was removed as New York cleaned up its image

After removing graffiti left over from the crime-ridden 70s and 80s, graffiti is again on the rise. Last year graffiti arrests went up by more than 89%.

Through April 2006 the City has received over 13,000 requests to clean graffiti. In the United States it costs approximately $15 to $18bn annually to remove it.

In New York City, I have recently passed a number of innovative graffiti bills that will help fight the scourge that is destroying our neighbourhoods.

As a result of irresponsible corporations like Ecko Inc and Atari targeting our children with graffiti-based marketing themes, more and more of the people being arrested are younger teenagers and adolescents.

To combat this, my new law takes away their graffiti tools and makes it illegal for anyone under 21 to simply possess spray paint, large broad tip markers and other tools of the trade.

Spray-painting punks

Stopping the spread of graffiti is everyone’s responsibility. Building owners who find graffiti on their property must now clean that graffiti themselves or contact the city to have it removed free of charge. If they take no action my new law will hold them fiscally responsible

Of course there is no substitute for stronger law enforcement and stiffer penalties.

Graffiti is a quality of life crime that plagues every major city in the world.

It’s time that we stand up to these spray-painting punks and take our cities back.”

You would think that in a small town such as Kirksville, we wouldn’t have the need to “take our city back. People would hopefully have the decency to respect beauty for what it is and be “beautiful rebels” while respecting the law. The graffiti LITTERS all educational buildings on campus. Here are some more photos.

You just identified yourself as students.

You just identified yourself as students.

Notice the beauty around your ugliness. See a difference?

Notice the beauty around your ugliness. See a difference?

We're struggling to cover up your insanity.

We're struggling to cover up your insanity.

This will get you nowhere. This will change nothing other than the look of the building YOU destroyed.

This will get you nowhere. This will change nothing other than the look of the building YOU destroyed.

Criminals are NOT beautiful. Ugliness defines you.

Criminals are NOT beautiful. Ugliness defines you.

I am disgusted.

– Alex –


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3 Responses to Rebels are more beautiful???

  1. Klco says:

    While I agree that the graffiti on Truman’s campus was less than artistic, I think the article you cited that dubs graffiti “a way for immature vandals to seek notoriety” and “a gateway crime for adolescents” is incredibly narrow-sighted. One need look no further than Banksy, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat to see graffiti’s place in the art world. I know several students who very seriously practice graffiti art, and this “high art” could not exist without everyday practices of it. In fact, the truly fascinating thing about graffiti art is what it says about our culture and what motivates the people who practice it.

    I’m not defending the graffiti on Truman’s campus, but I would encourage you to expand your conception of graffiti’s place in art and society. I think you’ll find it’s more important to the expression of our generation and the art of our culture than you’d realize.

  2. Taliaa Branson says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. This weekend was the first time any of my family has come up to visit me since I moved up here to go to school. I was showing them around campus when we saw the taggings everywhere. I felt horrible, as I was trying to tell them how it was a great school with a beautiful campus and this crap was everywhere. All they could look at or pay attention to was the spray paint defacing all the school buildings. This was just ignorant and did nothing but let people know that there are some truly idiots out there with no respect for anyone or anything but themselves. They were more than likely students (students-revolt) and if they don’t like it here then they should just leave.

  3. Anon says:

    I’ll direct you here
    Graffiti falls very close to this argument as even larger name based tags are actually nicknames.
    Take the time to look at Banksy’s work, powerful pieces. I’ve been a fan of his work for years and I have no idea what he looks like.
    Modern graffiti is a better from of art then 90% of the shit being done today and called art.

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