Extended thoughts on graffiti

So, if you’re looking for more pictures of the graffiti, visit the Kirksville socialite‘s blog until I can go on campus to get some more for you all. I also plan on participating in the clean-up that some TSU students have organized and will take pictures of that to show you what “beauty” really looks like. Meaning that I think it’s great that more than 200 people have accepted the event invitation on Facebook to clean up someone else’s mistake. I applaud all of you and look forward to seeing you out there to re-beautify our campus.

Beauty I agree with a previous comment that graffiti can be beautiful. But I stand by my notion that there is a time, place and manner in which it should be expressed. There was a comment on my Twitter account that the graffiti on campus was the lamest bit of tagging they’ve ever seen. Regardless of how it looked, it was wrong to do. There are more civil ways to express a need to “revolt.” Another commenter stated that this was the very first weekend her parents have visited the campus and while she was explaining the beauty it possessed and how awesome it was, they were then faced with one of the highest levels of ugliness a student could have portrayed. These students should have more respect for their campus and the school they attend. They just ruined buildings that teachers work so hard in while educating them and that’s an education you are paying for! It’s ridiculous. I know I have already stated how disgusted I am, but after seeing other pictures and having time to reflect, it really just saddens me. How can you adequately cover up spray paint on concrete without ruining some aspect of the structure that was once a beautiful and historical building? You can’t. It will be ruined. I hope you’re happy.

If by some stretch of your twisted imagination, you thought that by covering our campus with your random (and somewhat meaningless) thoughts, you would cause some kind of stir to make us think about what you wrote, then you’re wrong. Yes, some of you might comment and be like, “but by reacting, you are causing a stir.” My rebuttal?  They gave us nothing to think about! For all we know, these are random thoughts of a drunken excursion through campus. There is no allusion to a cause or encouragement to act on an issue. They were pointless means of destruction and disrespect. I’m ashamed to have you as a classmate, as a fellow TSU student…as anything really.

I will try to get some more scoop, but I’m guessing the school newspaper/broadcast stations will have something prepared for us all shortly. Until then, keep reading!



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