The “defiant” respond to “coward” call-outs

The person(s) behind the attacks on campus actually responded to the Socialite’s blog!! I have included the link and will re-post the comment below, so you can all see it, but I encourage you to go to the socialite’s Web site, so you can see other people’s responses, but respond here, too! I want to know what you all think.

anon // April 6, 2009 at 3:10 pm

Lest you dismiss us as uneducated schmucks, mere “anarchy enthusiasts”—

Our concentrated strike on campus last Friday night may not have impressed some of you. In fact, we can’t help but chuckle at the trite charges we’ve read so far (e.g., “poor things at the Physical Plant”, “anonymous cowards”, “they watched V for Vendetta too many times”). We’re especially tickled by the chap who runs the Kirksville Socialite blog. Commenting on the tag we left at the National Guard Armory (“the State is murder”), he was rather excited to drop some “knowledge” straight out of the POLS 101 textbook. Oh really, there are several definitions of the state, are there? Somehow it didn’t occur to us write a paper contributing to that debate, we were busy exposing one of government’s most insidious functions while avoiding its clutches. We have better things to do than spend a few nights in Adair County Jail and later sit before courts whose legitimacy we contest.

So why cause the trouble? We suspect that we are not alone in our hatred of the university: its pomp, its venerable authority, its complicity with the social order. We are too well read, too experienced, to ignore the manner in which the university abducts our potential comrades—intelligent, passionate, and capable individuals—for the means and ends of civil service. Those who would rebel against a society that robs them of their autonomy, that shits on our dignity each and every day, gradually learn to forfeit their humanity. You professors, administrators, executives-in-making; you bureaucrats-in-training and professional authoritarians—you will soon speak to us of “vocations”, “careers”, “philanthropy”, “activism”, and other priestly activities. We find your piety and oafish pragmatism nauseating. In the company of friends, we speak of desire for untrammeled life, spiced in the multiplicity of human experience that rejects the straitjackets this society has prepared for us.

If we didn’t list clear demands on the buildings we defaced, perhaps that is because we don’t have a few mere problems that negotiations with the administration could ever solve. Our conflict is basic. We want to abolish the university in its current form; to us it is nothing other than the lackey of capitalist enterprise and the sanctifier of tradition and authority. Thus its effect is sublimation and pacification. In other words, preparation for the continued maintenance of all the social and legal institutions about which we are resolved: they, too, have to go! So, we have failed to distract ourselves with their assignments, bother ourselves to appease their cults of documentation (e.g., MLA, APA, all the other acronyms we’re glad to have abandoned), and our resumes are beginning to mimic our credit ratings. We are preparing for subversion, for the overthrow of all that dominates and insists that we must always obey, and never decide for ourselves.

We painted their walls in search of our comrades, those brave creatures who also seek to thwart all that would control their lives, who understand that the only decent option left to those who want freedom is rebellion.

Against the tyranny of institutions and all social contracts we have never signed.
Always toward humanity.

The barbarians,
the defiant.

I honestly would like to know how you rationalize spray painting University property as the solution instead of leaving, but someone had a good point with their reply, “then you wouldn’t have the opportunity to whine.” Because, essentially, that is what you’re doing, right? Whining?



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2 Responses to The “defiant” respond to “coward” call-outs

  1. Erin says:

    I don’t know, man… sometimes I feel like I’m having my soul straight up sucked out of me, especially as an English major… it’s like everything I ever loved about the subject gets compacted and compounded until there’s just not much left to love about it. I can’t tell you the last time I actually completed an assignment as thoroughly as I was capable of. Granted, a couple of snippets of argumentation left across campus are not going to accomplish much, but in the frickin’ dissertation they left, they make a little more sense. Still not justified, still way overboard and extremely irrational, but I feel it just a little bit.

  2. Join Us says:


    It sounds like you may have what it takes to join our cause. Tell me, how do you feel about spray paint?

    The Junior Anarchist Sunshine Club

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