This just in!! The Truman Graffiti Project

Well, for those of you who wanted a way to counteract the recent additions to our educational buildings, some students, the CSI, Student Senate, Beard’s, the Serve Center, SAB and even Wal-Mart are on board and assisted with donations for the “Truman Graffiti Project.” The event takes place tomorrow on the Quad. There will be 5 sheets for students to paint ideas that students think are worth spreading and reading. Since tomorrow is University conferences and we all (most of us) have the day “off,” there should be no excuse not to join them on the Quad at some point from noon to 4p.m. For those of you who think there are better things to “revolt” against than just the fact that “rebels are more beautiful,” go out and tell us what those reasons are!! And even if you don’t see a need to revolt, write something peaceful. 🙂 It won’t hurt, right? The tagline (haha) of the event is “We can tag better.” Prove it! It’s something to do on your day off, it’s artsy, you’ll meet new people, speak your mind and most importantly, have fun!

If you’re on Facebook and a part of Truman’s network here is the link to the event. Join and go have some fun tomorrow!!

Speak up!


About Editor

The Unwritten Letters Project works to empower others by providing a safe, judgment-free outlet that encourages participants to articulate, heal from and overcome hardships through the art of letter writing. It's your voice, your words, your time to say everything you've always wanted to say. Are they alive, deceased? Speak up. Didn't have the courage to say it then? Say it now. Can't say it in person? Let us say it for you and help others realize they're not alone in the process. We're here to listen to EVERYONE. No one is turned away, every letter is cherished and wanted. We also actively participate in any Bullying and Suicide Prevention effort we can. Love is louder than your bullies. Prove it. Submit your letter today. Thank you!
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2 Responses to This just in!! The Truman Graffiti Project

  1. Klco says:

    Question: Was this event created in reaction to the initial tagging?

    If so,
    please note that this particular case of vandalism did result in something positive, creative and collaborative, campus-wide.

    Just saying.

    • Alex says:

      Yes, the event was created in response to the initial tagging. The only good thing was that it brought our campus together. If that was their initial purpose, which it was not, then they succeeded, but alas, they had other things in mind I am sure.

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