Truman Graffiti Project a success!

Truman Graffiti Project 4/7/09

Truman Graffiti Project 4/7/09

My knees might be aching from sitting on them for 2 hours while painting, but it was totally worth it. I’m so glad I pushed myself to actually participate in the Truman Graffiti Project. For those of you who came out and painted, observed, passed by and commented or helped out the Physical Plant with cleaning, I applaud and thank you. I think we should all thank Casey for putting this all together as well. Imagine how much work it took to put this together in such a short amount of time.

Five of the 8 locations of the vandalism were cleaned today and the Plant plans on continuing their efforts tomorrow. You can contact the plant at 660.785.5394 to find out about volunteering. I encourage you to do so if you have time.

Truman Graffiti Project 4/7/09

Truman Graffiti Project 4/7/09

So, the whole day was pretty amazing. I think the only thing missing was a boom box. I should have brought one. But Casey brought cookies and there was plenty of paint to go around. Additions were anything from the saying, “question authority, respect property,” paintings of a strawberry, a peace sign made out of hand prints, contributions from little kids and glitter, “Go Bulldogs,” “Rebels are not beautiful,” and other artistic contributions. The sheets will be hanging around campus and also will be able to be viewed at “The Oskar” concert at Wrongdaddy’s on April 17th.

For now, I feel like the issue is being resolved. The students who did this should probably either leave or move on and we should all try to just get back to normal. It was awesome how the campus and community were able to come together and show our support for the University. Thanks again for that.

It still saddens me that those of us who know the “graffiti” was there at one time will always be able to tell it was there regardless of the efforts to clean it. Hopefully prospective students and new students will be able to visit campus and not be haunted by someone else’s stupidity.

Keep a look-out for more posts on here and Casey’s site. Also, check out campus media for more info.



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3 Responses to Truman Graffiti Project a success!

  1. Klco says:

    “Rebels are not beautiful” ?


    Show me a single historical figure who’s held in esteem for maintaining the status quo. Without rebels, the country you live in would still be an English colony. We’d still have slavery. We’d still think the world is as flat as a pancake. Without rebels THERE WOULD BE NO ADVANCEMENT.

    To borrow a line from the taggers:
    decolonize your mind.

  2. Bruce Wayne says:

    haha some one elses stupidity…… ? Thats rich.

  3. krantisagar says:

    its exceptional……oh hooo….

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