Dreamz & Newz

Catchin' my dreamz

Catchin' my dreamz

Every morning for the last week or so I have woken up and remembered almost every detail of my dream. I’ve had one about someone being pregnant, one about people dying, one about someone getting married and a few about me being in love. ALL in one week! It’s pretty intense. I have been waking up feeling the strong emotions I was feeling in the dream and it’s freaking me out. Usually you remember a dream vaguely in the morning and forget about it by the time you brush your teeth, but I could at least describe 5 to you right now if you asked, and I mean 5 that have happened in the last week, not in my entire life. We could be here for hours with that one. 🙂

I’m not complaining, though. I like dreams. I had a “falling” dream last night. I hate those. I can’t remember what someone told me those mean, but I don’t think it was anything good. Also, I have reoccurring dreams. I have a reoccurring nightmare that actually really scares me and makes me afraid to spend the night at my grandma’s house. I have dreams that I am running away from things or just running in general a lot. I always have dreams where I start running and can’t stop because of how amazing it feels. (That’s how I feel on the elliptical when I work out — I can go for like an hour+ because it’s awesome).

What are some of your thoughts on what I’ve said about dreams? Do you believe that you dream about the last thing you thought about before you fall asleep, what was bothering you most that day, what you’re most passionate about, who you miss, who you don’t miss, what you wish you could be doing/should be doing? Dreams are weird to me. I don’t understand how you can close your eyes, fall into a deep slumber and see pictures in your mind and not be considered crazy. haha. You know? Fascinating, really. Tell me what you think.

In other campus news: JoEllen Flannigan won Student Senate president.

Community news: ONLY 10 students voted in the city elections. Shame on you (& me). That really sucks, though. I’m voting more often.

National news: Somali pirates captured Americans today.

Movie news: Summer releases will be — Hugh Jackman prequel X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the Ben Stiller sequel Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, the 3D animated threequel Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Hayden Panettiere’s new comedy I Love You, Beth Cooper and the adventure-comedy They Came From Upstairs, with Ashley Tisdale.

Robert Pattinson news: He’s still amazing!

Harry Potter News: One of the actors busted for drug use and possible growth!!

That’s it for now, check back later!


– Alex –


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2 Responses to Dreamz & Newz

  1. Kristen says:

    I like dreams too and I have had weeks on end before where I have had the most ridiculous dreams and can remember every detail. Then there are other days, where I can’t remember anything. I wonder what dream analysts would say about some of them. For example, last night I dreamed I was in prison. The reason I was there was because my father and some woman (mistress?) were killing people as they rafted down this river toward them. He wouldn’t shoot me though so I was the one good guy that could get close (she might have shot at me though). So I went in and shot and accidentally killed him. So I am in jail with Eli “Weevil” Nevarro (from the Show Veronica Mars). He was the prison hottie and there were crazy fun parties. I was scared to leave my cell, but eventually I did and I had a ton of freedom and my friends came to visit all the time because it was such a fun place to be. Crazy huh? I like to hear what people dream about so you should go into more detail. My dreams tend to be way more exciting than real life.

  2. Ella says:

    Just a note on your voting update at the bottom. Only ten students voted on campus. I live off-campus and voted at a different location. Ten is still a rather pathetic number, but the real number of student voters is at least one person higher.

    And I have some pretty crazy dreams sometimes, too. Most of the dreams I remember are incredibly violent. I don’t like it.

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