Jaime Thietten wins GRAND Prize on OurStage

Jaime Thietten wins $5,000 Grand Prize voted on by her fans on OurStage.com

Check it out here.

(Picture coming soon, possible video!!)

Jaime’s Web site here.

She’s amazing. She’s like my 4th sister and a great friend of the family. I highly recommend her music. If you’re interested in buying a CD or video of “My Chance,” you can order one off her Web site or if you know me, ask me and I will try to get one for you (if you pay, of course).  She’s been singing for 10 years and definitely deserves everything she is getting now. She’s been singing at some major churches inside St. Louis and was on a major radio station a few weeks back with my Mom!! Ugh. Amazing. I hope she goes far.


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2 Responses to Jaime Thietten wins GRAND Prize on OurStage

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  2. Hey Alex (my sista) 🙂
    Thank you so much for helping get the word out about the song My Chance.

    I miss seeing you!

    Hopefully I will get to see you in November when I’m in St. Louis. Keep your fingers crossed.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    Love ya,

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