Life. Plain & Simple.

I’m sitting in my beautiful apartment sick & alone on a Friday night. Some of you might be thinking, whoa, what a loser. On the contrary. It’s kind of nice. I went to Walgreens and stocked up on Sinus medicine, Vicks Vapor rub, toilet paper (tissues), hot tomato soup and orange juice for the evening. Finals ended today. My second to last semester of college is officially at it’s end. It’s weird. My friends are graduating tomorrow. Some people are leaving whom I may never see again…as overdramatic as that sounds, it’s very close to the truth.

But those are just mini rants brought on by a night alone  blowing my sorrows into rolls of toilet paper in a one-bedroom apartment in the butcrack of the United States, Kirksville. Also, my new fascination with “changing the world, one letter at a time” spawns from my obsession with movies and watching these more-than-impossible characters perform miracles like … fall in love or … be, you know, successful.

Today’s films I dove into were “My Sister’s Keeper” and “Julie & Julia.” I am just starting “Julie & Julia” so I have no comments on that one’s effect on my newfound desire to change the world, but “My Sister’s Keeper,” yes, made me cry, and yes, made me want to be someone’s miracle. I think I’ll get on that goal soon…

This is just a rant, but I do recommend “My Sister’s Keeper.” Although, bring the tissues (or the toilet paper) to wherever you watch it. You’ll need it. I really think Abigail Breslin has such a promising career ahead of her. She’s going to be amazing. I swear, I want to be a child star when I grow up … wait… anyway.

Until later. Look forward to my future rants on life. Plain & Simple. 🙂


About Editor

The Unwritten Letters Project works to empower others by providing a safe, judgment-free outlet that encourages participants to articulate, heal from and overcome hardships through the art of letter writing. It's your voice, your words, your time to say everything you've always wanted to say. Are they alive, deceased? Speak up. Didn't have the courage to say it then? Say it now. Can't say it in person? Let us say it for you and help others realize they're not alone in the process. We're here to listen to EVERYONE. No one is turned away, every letter is cherished and wanted. We also actively participate in any Bullying and Suicide Prevention effort we can. Love is louder than your bullies. Prove it. Submit your letter today. Thank you!
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