2009: A Year in Review

Happy Holidays readers! This is about the time when I reflect on the past year and figure out what I want to do differently or continue in the next year.

January: I spent my first ever New Year at college & loved every minute of it. Started my 6th semester of college. Started semester being Copy Chief of newspaper.

February: Celebrated my 21st Birthday with two weeks of partying. One weekend at college & one weekend in St. Louis. Reconnected w/ an old friend (who later disconnected with again…). I also went to Minnesota for a journalism conference and realized that I LOVE Minneapolis.

March: Spring Break in St. Louis w/ 2 friends from college. Made a big mistake, but figured a lot of things out.

April: Created the Unwritten Letters Project and became inspired to somehow change the world…or my world.

May: “If a zombie attack breaks out right now, we’re screwed.” – A friend of mine said that while we walked through a graveyard during finals when everyone else was studying. It was so much fun and that was hilarious. We totally would have been screwed. I was also voted “I’m Scared of You” award at the newspaper b/c I really disliked a lot of pp I worked with. (things have changed!) 🙂

June: Started my position as mentor/counselor with Upward Bound. This opportunity completely changed my outlook on life and made me a much better person. I owe a lot of my inspiration to those students and my 6 weeks in that program.

July: Ended the 6 weeks with UB (I cried, aLOT!). I moved into my new apartment (one bedroom). Fourth of July was spent in Kville (it rained).

August: Started my second to last semester of college. Also started new jobs in the Public Relations office and a traveling mentor for UB. LOVED this semester, but sacrificed my social life. Continued working for the newspaper as a columnist/cartoonist!

September: Submitted a proposal to teach a student-initiated course for Spring 09, but was declined. Decided to use LeClere Books to publish the “Unwritten Letters Project” book.

October: Most, if not all, of this month was dedicated to  completing the ULP manuscript. I submitted it to the publisher. AHHH! I spent Halloween dressed as Elphiba (Wicked Witch) and it was the most time I spent on a costume in at least 6 years.

November: I became a published ….student (Nov. 9). Controversy on whether I should call myself an author since the content was all submitted to a website. Idc, but we started planning my book signing at Truman and further publicity for being the first (as far as we know) undergrad published at Truman. Book is available on Amazon and on LeClereBooks.com. BIG publicity launch planned for February.

December: Went skating at Forest Park, played in the first Kville snow (potential Blizzard), had the BEST (grade-wise) semester at Truman, had my first-ever Book Signing (Dec. 2) and ULP speaking event at Ameristar Casino speaking w/ a HS Basketball team, was written about in China, Nebraska, Kville and St. Louis media outlets!

Future Aspirations for 2010: Dive into my last semester of college, dive into book publicity (starting in February), work on Anti-Bullying campaign inspired by ULP (& work on partnerships/setting up business), work on 2nd book (published in Nov.), work on screenplays/novels in my head, figure out my future and turn 22…let’s get this year started!


About Editor

The Unwritten Letters Project works to empower others by providing a safe, judgment-free outlet that encourages participants to articulate, heal from and overcome hardships through the art of letter writing. It's your voice, your words, your time to say everything you've always wanted to say. Are they alive, deceased? Speak up. Didn't have the courage to say it then? Say it now. Can't say it in person? Let us say it for you and help others realize they're not alone in the process. We're here to listen to EVERYONE. No one is turned away, every letter is cherished and wanted. We also actively participate in any Bullying and Suicide Prevention effort we can. Love is louder than your bullies. Prove it. Submit your letter today. Thank you!
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One Response to 2009: A Year in Review

  1. I’m so proud! Keep it up Alex – you will go far.

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