My “you can never go home again” Moment

Hope your Holiday went well, readers!

Christmas Eve was a good night with my family. The two little kids were overly rambunctious as well as excessively cute, so it evened out. The dogs wanted nothing more than one piece of food to drop from someone, anyone’s plate and you could feel the silenced tension just because it was a holiday, and we were forced to be in the same room with everyone, which I am sure is like most families.

I love all my presents, but I have officially experienced my “you can never go home again” moment, and I’m only 21. Yes, I do believe you can go home, but living at home for any length of time that is more than a weekend after you initially move out is impossible to maintain sanity. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my family & all that they do for me, but I just think I am one of those people who can’t go back. I need to be on my own. So I guess it makes more sense to call it my “you can never MOVE home again” moment.

After leaving my childhood home (which was moved OUT of the year I went to college), I changed completely. I know what contributed to that, but the problem is that I have grown and matured so much due to my experience¬†at college, and I think it’s difficult for me to come back home to people who don’t know the “me” I am at college.

Just, think about it. It’s life: plain and simple.


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