Plastic surgery ruins your career..duh

I don’t have cable. (in case you were wondering why I watch so many movies now or in the future)

I was watching “The Perfect Man” with Hilary Duff today and began to think about all the celebrities whose careers have kind of plumeted after they decided to alter their appearance. I think it’s really stupid on their part to change their body to make it look like every one else’s. Beauty is in the imperfections & the uniqueness of your look. If you look like everyone else, you’re not going to be chosen above all the rest anymore. Duh. So, let’s give you some examples of young actors who are still in the business and haven’t screwed it up completely yet (like Michael Jackson or Melanie Griffith). Beware youngins – don’t want to end up looking like that when you’re 50!

Hilary Duff: Veneers

Plastic Surgery: Veneers

She is still beautiful, but the teeth are almost too big, giving her mouth a horse effect.

Her career: The Lizzie McGuire star was doing pretty well for herself landing staring roles with the likes of Chad Michael Murray in “A Cinderella Story” and “The Perfect Man.” But then her career dwindled and we didn’t start seeing her again until her new role as Olivia in Gossip Girl. But, seriously, watch Cheaper by the Dozen 1 and then watch the sequel and look at the horrific change in Duff’s body and teeth. It’s sickening how skinny she is and her teeth are too big for her face. Now she is at a better weight and I still like her acting, so I might watch her episodes of Gossip Girl if I ever get cable…

Ashley Simpson-Wentz: Nose Job

Again, still gorgeous, but unrecognizable as unique Ashlee. For someone who hates "living in the Shadow of someone else's dream" (aka big sis, Jessica), she sure did a great transformation INTO her.

As the caption says, she made a big deal about not “living in the shadow of someone else’s dream” (aka big sis, Jessica), but she did a fantastic job of transforming into big sis. She is still pretty, but we haven’t seen her (except on Melrose Place) since 7th Heaven. I loved her first album, but this isn’t the Ashlee Simpson people fell in love with. This looks like a complete stranger. It’s weird how altering one part of your face turns you into someone new. Was that her intention? IDK. She’s also playing Roxie Hart on Broadway’s “Chicago.” Good for you, girl. But stop the plastic surgery and embrace imperfections!

All for now. Hopeully these girls stop trying to change what God gave them to work with and do what they do best.

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4 Responses to Plastic surgery ruins your career..duh

  1. amy says:


  2. Miguel Karam says:

    Hilary said she regrets her 2005 look and it’s obvious that she is one of the most if not the most healthy Hollywood celebrity right now. She looks… natural!

  3. Both of them are great celebrities! I admire Ashlee Simpson so much. Funny that she really didn’t catch up with her song, Shadow, but I guess her transformation made her more gorgeous. Most of the celebrities choose to undergo plastic surgery ’cause they believe it’ll make their career better. Such celebs like them are the proof, however.

  4. Ace says:

    Hilary Duff is still cute ^^

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