Boo! Ahhh

I watched “Sorority Row” and “The Stepfather” tonight with a friend, and I’m sad I didn’t watch these two in theaters.

I vaguely remember seeing the “Sorority Row” trailer and thinking, “finally, a movie where sorority girls die,” but also thinking, “they will probably all die drinking, screwing or at least scantily clad.” I was right on some occassions with lots of boob shots, bra-and-panty-clad women and booze galore scattered across the screen, but I was suprisingly impressed with this film. I was legitimately frightened throughout it, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a few frights, or who just want to see some sorority girls die in hypocritical ways, much like how Paris Hilton dies in “House of Wax,” if you know what I mean. However, this film is another Rumer Willis sighting, which is always interesting. I never know what to expect from her. She always plays a quiet character. Did she really inherit the acting gene or is she just in movies because of mommy and daddy’s success (and/or money)? She was also in “House Bunny,” which is the less g(l)orified version of “Sorority Row.” I’ll recommend “Sorority Row” but if you see “House Bunny” prepare to be knocked down a couple IQ points. What’s a good sorority thriller without getting the chance to kill off one of “The Hills” stars?? Right? Say bye to Audrina. She’s first to go. “It was an accident.”

Who knew Penn Badgley could do more than just gossip? “Gossip Girl” star-turned thriller actor really did well in his role in “The Stepfather”. I remember seeing him as the shaggy-haired almost stud kid brother of John Tucker in “John Tucker Must Die.” He was adorable then, he’s gorgeous now. Something that bothered me about this film, though, was Penn’s girlfriend Kelly (played by Amber Heard) maybe wore pants in two scenes out of the whole film. Seriously? What girl constantly walks around in either a bathing suit or her underwear? Get over it, Hollywood. Even if Penn only wore pants in two scenes, I would be bothered. It’s not realistic and it’s too obviously trying to create a provocative spin to the film. Enough, already. However, the movie was very suspenseful, make me hide under the covers a few times and even made me jump — that takes a lot, so it must be scary. I also recommend this film.

I’ve decided that starting a week after graduation I will watch one scary movie a day that I’ve never seen before and review it. I’ll develope the idea more, but scary movies are kind of my thing. Well, until next time, check these two out, as well as “Shutter Island” if you haven’t already. SO GOOD.


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