Twilight: Eclipse Review

I saw “Eclipse” on opening day. Pause for judgement.

I know this series is supposed to be for teeny-boppers and their mom’s who drool over Edward (or Jacob), but like Harry Potter, the series gets more mature with each book. So I guess it’s safe to assume that by the third book/film, I am at least close to being legit. I’m 22 and was probably more into the chase scenes and vampire/werewolf rivalry than any other teeny bopper in the theater. Even the little 10 year olds in the front row were laughing at me. But hey, I wasn’t the only twenty-something in the theater oogling Jacob or clapping when Edward killed a newborn. The theater was packed! And rightly so.

I’ve posted on Facebook that Twilight: Eclipse is better than the first and second movies combined. Most agree, and if they don’t, they are hiding their secret obsessions with the series for fear of judgement and ridicule. But what’s the fun in hiding what you’re passionate about? Me? I’m passionate about good literature and good film making (i.e. I’m moving to L.A. to produce/act). So why not be excited over a series that is doing it right? I don’t care that it’s about vampires, werewolves and annoying teenage girls who throw themselves at both “monsters”. It’s a good movie, and it was made better than the first two. The cinematography was fantastic, and the increase in battle scenes was definitely a chance for them to get creative, and they did. The acting was levels higher than the first two. You might complain that Bella is a whiney teenage girl who is only obsessed with a vampire and leads a werewolf on, blah blah blah, but that’s how her character is written! You’re not suppose to be in love with Bella, you’re suppose to be in love with the idea that something else could exist other than the world we all know and accept. That’s what makes this series and the films so appealing to me. I love the idea that there could be something else. People just assume women, like myself, only like this series because of the romance between Edward and Bella, but that is merely a side story to what actually appeals to me. This series, although in my opinion is not nearly as great as Harry Potter, is much like it in the sense that it creates another world for us to fantasize about living in. Why analyze what you don’t know. If you haven’t read the books, leave it alone. I refuse to take any criticism for liking this series from people who develop their own thoughts on other people’s reviews of it and heresay. Develop your own thoughts instead of throwing up someone else’s.

I give the movie 4.5 out of 5 stars. It grossed more than $30 MILLION at the midnight showing alone. Yes, JUST the midnight showing. So, if you’re going to complain about the acting or whine about how whiney the vampires are, then look at the numbers. People who don’t like this series are few and far between and usually don’t like it just so they can say so, not because they have actually seen or read anything from the series. How legit can you consider yourself if you’re basing your criticism off nothing other than prejudice toward teeny-bopper movies with fantastical elements? Not. Read the books, and watch this movie.

You get to see Jasper’s history, Rosalie’s history, a new Victoria, newborn vampires, Dakota Fanning makes an appearance with the Volturi and yes, Jacob rarely ever wears a shirt. It’s full of hilarious one-liners, even more passion with Edward and Bell and an almost-firendship alliance between Edward and Jacob, as well as the Cullens and the Tribe. It’s worth the money to see in theaters. I definitely give it my stamp of approval.

Let me know what you  think. Comment on this post. ALSO: If you would like to submit another review of THIS movie to counter anything I’ve said, I would be MORE than happy to publish it. Go up to the “Submit A Review” tab at the top. Anyone can submit a review of any movie at any time. Thank you.


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