“Morning Glory” Review

So, I half paid attention to the previews for “Morning Glory” and, honestly, a majority of the reason why I wanted to see it is because I was a journalism major in college, but this film pleasantly surprised me.

I knew Rachel McAdams could pull off carrying a feature film after her amazing performances in “The Notebook”, “Red Eye” and “The Time Traveler’s Wife” among others, but I really think she mastered this film. It was a high energy character, and I can’t think of another actor who could have performed quite as well as she did. I mean, aside from tranforming from a pushover to being assertive as the new executive producer at Daybreak, the only journey her character took us on was how to turn 90’s bangs into a sophisticated side sweep. However, she nailed the quirks and constant look of being exhausted and irritated of working in a news room.

The film itself dragged a bit at first leaving me wondering if it would be a drama or a comedy, which bugged me because I want to know what I’m getting myself into before the climax of the plot. But right when I started wondering, a series of hilarious (and I mean HILARIOUS) montages happened. As McAdams (Becky Fuller) began to pick up the news and mesh everyone in the studio into a family, she put them in hilarious situations that made me teary eyed I was laughing so much. I can’t remember the time I laughed that hard during a movie … seriously… and it’s a movie about a producer of a morning news show… yeah.

Even though Harrison Ford’s character was suppose to be synical and uninterested, I still expected Ford to make the audience, at least, interested in him being that character. However, McAdams really stole the show. I actually only paid any attention to Ford during the last ten minutes of the movie when he showed some other emotion than indifference. Diane Keaton, however, was hilarious as usual. I seriously love anything she does. “The Family Stone” is one of my favorite movies, oh and “Because I Said So”. Jeff Goldblum deserved more screen time, but when I did see him, I liked him, as always… “Nine MOnths” anyone? lol I also really loved how they portrayed Patrick Wilson in this film. Watching him and McAdams together and the way he treated her really made me long for that type of relationship where the guy really appreciates you for everything you can offer, not just your body… maybe when pigs fly, right? Did you know Wilson is also a singer? Nice!

Well, if you appreciate Rachel McAdams, journalism, a fabulous ensemble cast of great actors and a heartwarming, hilarious story, I would recommend you see this film. If you’re more like Harrison Ford’s character… stay home. 🙂 Bye for now!


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