“Love & Other Drugs” Review

After going through some recent reviews of mine, you’re all probably wondering if I can not like a film, right? Well, as much as I wanted and purposely strained myself to try to like this film…I hated it. So much so, I do not recommend you spend money on it until it’s in Red Box, and you can get it for $1, and even then, there will probably be better options. Now I am a huge fan of Jake Gyllenhaul and some/most of Anne Hathaway’s films, and they played likeable characters in this film, so I am not particularly disappointed in their performances, per se. I am overall dissatisfied with how Fox publicized this film as a romantic comedy/drama with the “A Walk to Remember”/”The Notebook”-esque feel to it making it the perfect film to see with a friend. FALSE. This film borders on the line of softcore porn and a movie that was forced to use nudity to hide the fact that they hired mediocre actors. The thing is, they had two of the best actors in the business, and a potentially great storyline without having both of them COMPLETELY naked for more than half the movie (not an exaggeration).

The good things about the movie can be counted on one hand: 1. Anne Hathaway’s ability to portray a believable stage 1 Parkinson’s patient. 2. Jake Gyllenhaul is aging well, and actually looks like an adult in this film. 3. The last 10 minutes of the film included no nudity and believable emotion. 4. A Regina Spektor song came on during the credits and saved me from the film. 5. The montages inbetween the “important scenes” included old-school hip 90’s music that allotted time for the guy I went with to dance on the seats and us to entertain ourselves more than the film was.

So the soundtrack is good enough to spend some money on, but I would skip the film unless, of course, you can’t afford porn…this is the next best thing…I guess? The ONLY thing Fox did right was get some good actors. What they did wrong was put them in a horrible storyline of a film that could have been Oscar-worthy without the unnecessary nudity. The end.

Overall rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars

P.S. I just saw a preview for it on TV, no mention or image of nudity or sex for that matter, and they’re calling it “a classic”? False dreams that will never become a reality. Sorry.


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