Street Cred

Education: Graduated from a public High School in St. Louis in May 2006 with a 3.9 GPA

Attending a Liberal Arts University for a Bachelors in Communication: Public Comm. Currently, I am a senior.

Published work: Unwritten Letters Project — Blog created April 2009 — now turned published book. Can be found at LeClere Books and on Amazon.

Journalism Experience: <– click to see a list of my written work. I work for a weekly broadsheet newspaper that produces 20 pages (or more) a week.

Broadcast Experience <– click to see my broadcast reporting for News 36 TV

Positions at Newspaper: Copy Editor, features reporter, news reporter, photographer, Assistant Features Editor, Features Editor, Cartoonist, Reviewer, Columnist and Copy Chief

Positions at TV station: Reporter, Blog Manager

I have been published four times in an on-campus independent publication, the Gadfly, for comedy and a ULP column.

Internship 2008: For a portion of summer ’08 I worked as an intern with a newspaper in St. Louis called The Vital Voice. I did a lot of copy editing along with daily news blogging, making entertainment lists for the calendar and wrote a front-page feature.

Iowa Caucuses 2008: I traveled to Des Moines, Ia., with the student media network as student journalists to cover the caucuses. We were thrown in among CNN and the BBC to mingle and fight for the best camera spot. Blogs, stories, photos and stand-ups were posted here. I was able to see the Clintons, Mitt Romney, Chris Dodd, Fred Thompson and was at the location where Obama gave his winning speech, but just missed him. Oh well, I saw him in STL. šŸ™‚

Conferences: I went to New York City in March 2008, Kansas City in October/November 2008 and Minneapolis during spring 2009 for journalism conferences where I attended numerous workshops to refine my skills as a journalist and leader.

Other Involvement: SPJ member (2008), Tag improv team (Fall 2006), 107.5 FM radio show DJ (2007), Upward Bound mentor (Summer 2009-present), News36 blog (Spring 2010), Curtain Call Theater Company (“The Matchmaker”)

That’s it for now. Questions?? Ask me or e-mail me.


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